The Expanse by James S.A. Corey

The Expanse by James S.A. Corey is one of the 2020 Hugo Award finalists for Best Series.  It was previously a finalist in 2017, and an episode of the TV show won that year for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.  The first book in the series was a Best Novel finalist in 2012.  Daniel Abraham, who along with Ty Franck is behind the James S.A. Corey pseudonym, was a Best Novelette finalist in 2008.


  1. Leviathan Wakes (2011)
  2. Caliban’s War (2012)
  3. Abaddon’s Gate (2013)
  4. Cibola Burn (2014)
  5. Nemesis Games (2015)
  6. Babylon’s Ashes (2016)
  7. Persepolis Rising (2017)
  8. Tiamat’s Wrath (2019)

Short Fiction:

  • The Butcher of Anderson Station (2011)
  • Gods of Risk (2012)
  • “Drive”, originally published in the anthology Edge of Infinity, edited by Jonathan Strahan (Solaris, 2012)
  • The Churn (2014)
  • The Vital Abyss (2015)
  • Strange Dogs (2017)
  • “The Last Flight of the Cassandra”, published in The Expanse Roleplaying Game (Green Ronin, 2019)
  • Auberon (2019)

All of the above were published by Orbit except where indicated.  A ninth and final novel in the series is expected to be released later this year.  Unfortunately that means the series won’t be eligible next year after its completion.  (A previous Best Series finalist must have at least two additional works comprising at least 240,000 words since their last appearance.  Previous winners are permanently ineligible in future years.)

In addition to the TV series, I discovered there is a comic adaptation called The Expanse: Origins which delves into the backstories of the main characters.  Both a board game and a roleplaying game were created in collaboration with the authors as well.

I read the first three books and the first two short fiction pieces not long after release.  I have all the novels and at least one more of the short fiction ebooks.  I just haven’t gotten to them.  My partner has read all the books, and we’ve watched the TV show.  (I know I’ve spoiled myself for book 4.)  I was hoping to catch up when the series got nominated last time, but I got wrapped up with other series I hadn’t read at all.  Hopefully this is the year!

Have you read these?  Watch the show?  Played the games?  What did you think?

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